Interested in designing and validating a complex system? My name is Ben, and I'm the Co-Founder and Head Of Engineering at CADLabs—get in touch at

The following are a selection of my personal public projects, testimonials, and past clients:

Public Projects



Steven Ellis, Lead Developer at Afrolabs:

During the initial period of my consultation at Rooster, I assisted Ben with development of the Rooster Android application. It soon became clear that, despite Ben not having had a lot of prior Android experience, he was picking up on the Java language and Android framework at an incredibly fast rate, and our initial pairings and mentoring sessions became fewer and fewer, as Ben rapidly increased his knowledge and proficiency of the platform. Under Ben, the Rooster Android application has progressed into a beautiful and well-engineered smartphone application. I do not exaggerate when I say Ben is extremely smart, and is the type of developer who has the propensity to master whatever he puts his mind to. He is also very reliable, maintains very high coding standards and has a great attention to detail. He is also one of the nicest people you'll meet and work with. I can heartily recommend him for any development role he applies for.

Josh Perry, Senior Software Engineer at Aerobotics:

Ben and I worked together at a company that I cofounded, building multiple fullstack software applications in an agile startup environment. He picked up new skills (languages, tools, frameworks and paradigms) quickly, and was writing performant code early on. Ben has strong fundamental knowledge of computer and OS architectures; this serves him well in various areas of software development, especially with DevOps functions. He’s authentically interested in engineering (has been all his life), and hence will go the extra mile to learn, complete tasks with best practises and all round build great products. Ben has a quiet demeanor but engages in technical debate with confidence. I was more experienced than him, but he’d often point out an incorrect position of mine using sound logic. His confidence grew enormously during his time with us, and I expect that trend to continue in his career. Above technical capability, Ben is honest, has integrity and a great attitude - the most important tenets of any colleague. I was able to trust Ben completely and he never let me down. He embraced the uncertainty and chaos inherent in the startup context with enthusiasm, something many struggle with. Ben’s a pleasure to work with and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

Past Clients

  • BlockScience
  • Cloudline: Bringing sustainable logistics access to remote communities.
  • Commons Stack
  • Grassroots Economics
  • Linum Labs: Developing the future of distributed Web3 applications and exploring the boundaries of real world software applications, with Linum Labs.
  • ManMakeMachine: We partner with clients to build advanced technology solutions that shifts industries, fundamentally changes companies and impact lives.
  • Molecule Protocol: Molecule is a protocol & software platform to accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. It connects scientists, patients and industry to advance drug development in a collaborative open market.
  • Protea Ecosystem: Protea is a decentralised protocol for communities. Protea helps communities collaborate and leverage their previously intangible value by uniting them around shared goals and giving them immutable proof for value contributions.
  • Radcast: Radcast is a customizable podcast delivered daily directly to you via WhatsApp.
  • Rooster Media: Rooster has re-invented how people wake up. It's an app that actually makes people excited to hear their alarm in the morning, tailoring new, more enjoyable wake-up experiences for everyone.
  • Strait Access Technologies
  • Zyteq Technologies: Saving lives, protecting assets, making buildings safer.
  • cadCAD Edu
  • ixo Foundation