Python Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation Frameworks

There are several Python packages that are particularly well-suited for agent-based modeling and simulation. Some of the most popular ones include:

  1. Mesa: a library for building agent-based models that provides a flexible framework for building and running models, along with built-in visualization tools.
  2. NetLogo: a popular modeling and simulation tool that includes support for agent-based modeling and includes a built-in programming language called NetLogo.
  3. PyABM: a library for building agent-based models that provides tools for building and running models, as well as tools for analyzing and visualizing results.
  4. MASON: a library for building multi-agent systems that provides support for agent-based modeling, along with tools for visualization and analysis.
  5. SimPy: a library for discrete event simulation that provides support for modeling and simulation of systems with dynamic behavior, including agent-based models.

It is worth noting that these packages may be more or less suitable for different types of agent-based models, so it is important to carefully consider the needs of your specific application when choosing which tools to use.

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